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Essential Services & Spiritual Enterprises Ltd

My business was founded in 2013 to provide help and support for people in need. We provide social work, healing, counselling and interpreting service throughout the world.

I Can Work With You Or Visit You In The following Locations...

Over The Phone

By Email

At Your Home

Attend Court

Visit Prison

In Hospital

If you require my service in any other ways, please contact me to discuss your needs...



How Can We Help?

If you need spiritual healing or advising, I can provide guidance and support in the following areas…

Personal Challenges

Marriage Problems

When you need some help in your marriage or just to have someone to listen to your problems. 

Giving Up Bad Habits

Have a habit you want to give up? Our proven methods can help you to stop with your habit.


Stressed by exam pressure? There’s no need to worry and we can help to remove that worry!


Are you looking for employment? Are you finding it hard? We can help you to land that dream job.

Removing Curses

Feel like you’re cursed? Always struggling to get ahead. We can remove this burden for you.

Bad Luck

Lady luck not on your side? We can help to bring you back into the game and move forwards.

For More Information About Any Of My Services, Please Get In Touch...

Health Challenges


We all suffer from depression from time to time. But, if it’s constantly getting you down, let us help!


The feeling of not having children, when you want them, is a heavy burden. We can help you!


This common condition affects so many men. But, there’s no need to worry! Help is here.


This is a huge cause of huge concern. But, with the correct help and guidance things can improve.

For More Information About Any Of My Services, Please Get In Touch...

Business Challenges

Buying / Selling Property

This is known to be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fame & Success In Business

Do you want to stand out in your chosen field? We can help you to get noticed and achieve success.

For More Information About Any Of My Services, Please Get In Touch...

Legal Challenges

Court cases

Legal problems are stressful, but with the right guidance and advice, you can overcome the challenge.

Immigration problems

Do you or your loved ones have problems with immigration or the process behind it? We can help!

If You Need Guidance Or Support, Contact Us Now!

We'll provide you with a free quote for any of our services. Marriage problems, giving up bad habits, removing curses, bad luck, exams, court cases, immigration problems, jobs, depression, impotency, infertility, barrenness buying and selling of properties, fame and success in business.

 and much more...



My Pricing Is Very Simple

Initial Consultation - £30

I'll speak to you in depth to understand your needs and make a plan for how I'll help you moving forwards

Hourly Rate - £10 / Hour

I charge £10 an hour for any follow up work that is agreed with you.

Other Fees

Any other fees, such as travel expenses, will be agreed with you up-front

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How Can I Help?

Feel free to ask any questions over the phone, or get in touch via our contact form. Your message will be replied to asap...

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Essential Services & Spiritual Enterprises Ltd

Talk With Me For Guidance, Support & Spiritual Healing

+44 7586 307 351

+44 1913 407 601